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What is AfriCoin - Cryptocurrency?

AfriCoin International is a global organization, issuing digital currency and tokens of value built on the WAVES BLOCKCHAIN. AfriCoin Intl. uses WAVES technological protocol to manage payment transactions between users around the world. AfriCoin Intl. transactions take place online and operates with no central authority or banks.


AfriCoin Inlt. is the 1st DACO financial investment product (Decentralized Allocation Crypto Ownership)

Total shares: 100,000,000


AfriCoin Silver Cryptos (AAGC) - The 1st cryptocurrency backed by real .999 fine silver rounds. Not silver paper, but real silver coins that are held and stored by each individual investor.


AfriCoin Intl. is an organization that serves as the administrative installation for AfriCoin digital currency, products and services; and also serves as a brand for smart-phone cases, apparel, watches, jewelery, sun glasses, T-shirts, caps and hats. We even have a bottle of AfriCoin Wine.


Mission Statement:

AfriCoin Intl. is a global organization designed to strengthen the cryptocurrency industry; by providing smart, sound and reasonable competition to the marketplace.



Our objective is to accomplish our mission. The reasoning behind our objective, resides in the structural conditions of alternative cryptocurrencies in the marketplace. Most are launching without a plan of action; and this can muddy the waters for investors. AfriCoin Intl. has a research and development program in place, to create useful ways of leaverging tokens of value; and to insure that investors know what they are getting. AfriCoin Intl. hopes to improve the volatility of crypto-currency by providing investors with a sound product to help diversify their holdings.


Bitcoin, released in 2009 was created by Satoshi Nakamoto. AfriCoin Intl. developers decided to investigate the inventor's name and found that most references state:


Satoshi means - clear-thinking or wise. Naka can mean, inside or relationship. Moto is used to describe the origin or the foundation. Put it all together and you get, “thinking clearly inside the foundation.” Therefore, by following the spirit of Satoshi Nakamoto, AfriCoin Intl. is thinking clearly inside the foundation.


Creators of the term, ICO - Initial Coin Offering:

AfriCoin launched it's mining client on November 3rd 2013. MAS AfriCoin, network founder; noticed that the first coins being minted were flowing out like a fire hose. He contacted the Senior programming engineer in Chile' to find out what was going wrong. The answer he received was, "there's no problem. That's how it works initially; compliments of Bitcoin."


MAS AfriCoin immediately researched this aspect and found a few articles that lead to the explanation. One article on states the following:


In January of 2009, Satoshi Nakamoto started mining, creating what is known as the “genesis block.” Bitcoin v0.1 was released six days later. By year-end, over 32,000 blocks had been added to this original block, producing a total of 1,624,250 bitcoins. Since all transactions are public on the blockchain, we know that only a quarter of those bitcoins have ever changed hands, leading some to speculate that Satoshi could be sitting on a stash of roughly one million bitcoins. (click here for full article).


MAS AfriCoin did the math:

1,624,250 BTC x 75% = 1,218,187.50 BTC - represents what he is still holding

The current value of Bitcoin when this blog was published was $1,200 per coin.

1,218,167.50 BTC x $1,200 = $1,461,825,000


MAS AfriCoin expressed that all of the Internet noise around "pre-mining" was a farce, brought on by angry individuals that missed the biggest opportunity in the history of the world! Since AfriCoin is "thinking clearly inside the foundation," MAS AfriCoin started the first Industry ICO - Initial Coin Offering. Click the following link and it will take you to the WAYBACKMACHINE, where you will find what AfriCoin looked like in Dec of 2013:*/

NOTE: visit this site from a desktop or laptop computer and click on the box with the year dated: 2013 


MAS AfriCoin in 2013, decided, instead of mining solo for a million coins or more, he thought to create a 120 day coin roll out. An offering that allows early AFC adopters to share in the pre-mining stage. Additionally, knowing that most people have a hard time investing in something, "non-physical," MAS AfriCoin introduced a branded, physical product to attach to the offering. A $120 wrist watch called, AfriCoin Investor. Once the watch is purchased, the owner receives their AfriCoin wallet; a deposit of 120 AFC, and is granted pre-mining rights for 120 days.


Now that AfriCoin is back, we will relaunch the ICO - Initial Coin Offering


AAGC Backrd By Real .999 Silver rounds:

We've issued 100 million coins, and they are each sold together with each ounce of real silver bullion coins. Currently, silver is trading up and down around $15.00 to $17.50 per ounce and AAGC will trade at no less than the trading price of silver. This means that AfriCoin Silver Cryptos currently cost between $30.00 to $35 each. However, once in your possession, you hide your silver coins in your safe and you trade and/or spend your AAGC cryptocurrency. Remember, AAGC currency can trade as high as the market will bear; however, AAGC will never trade below the trading price of silver (unless you are willing to take a loss). Each silver coin, via an embedded serial number, is registered to each coin holder. As each silver coin is purchased; by way of its owner, an equal amount of AAGC is released into the world.


After being hacked and shut out of our network for nearly 4 years, AfriCoin is back.



No government or agencies raising and lowering interest rates, along with other balancing acts. Just the Confidence, WILL and POWER of the PEOPLE! If you want to be notified when the AfriCoin Cryptos Silver will be available, fill out the form below


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